Legacy Fund Management (LFM) offers specialized and innovative financing solutions to help achieve the strategic needs goals of our clients. LFM believes that the best investment decisions come through insights and that the best insights come through experience. We take time to understand our clients' goals, risk tolerances and time horizons; the first and most important step in making investment decisions is our financial and operational due diligence to appreciate the specific needs of our clients.
We offer specialized products and services in :
1. Mergers and Acquisitions
2. Capital Restructuring
3. Working Capital Financing
4. Business Plan Development
5. Business Valuation
6. Preparation of Information Memorandum
7. Fund Raising
8. Preparation of Company for Fund Raising
9. Project Financing Advisory
Our wide range of services is geared towards value-addition to our clients' strategic investment decisions at any particular stage of their growth and this is our number one priority. We appreciate that our client relationships are built on the Integrity, Professionalism, Trust and excellence of the advice we offer.